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About us

Metropolitana Milanese: the leading designer of urban structures and infrastructures since 1955

 Metropolitana Milanese s.p.a., an engineering company founded in 1955, has designed and supervised the construction of all the Milan Metro lines. Over the years, Metropolitana Milanese has extended its field of activity to the road works, parking areas, public buildings, as well as hydraulic engineering, urban renewal and district transport plans. MM covers the entire design production cycle, from surveys, general studies, preliminary and final designs down to works and construction supervision and management. Due to its proven skills in managing and integrating multidisciplinary tasks, Metropolitana Milanese guarantees completion of large and complex projects requiring significant financial commitment. Initially operating mostly in Milan, Metropolitana Milanese has applied its know-how to other cities and regions in Italy and has recently stepped up its involvement abroad, taking part in international tenders for the planning and design of urban rail transit systems.

Since 2003 Metropolitana Milanese has managed the Integrated water service for the city of Milan

 In 2003 the Milan City Council decided to hand over the management of the Integrated water service, to Metropolitana Milanese, taking advantage of its technical and management expertise to improve the quality of water-related services and to implement adequate maintenance and investment plans for the drinking water and sewer systems.

The corporate structure

The Metropolitana Milanese expertise includes:

Urban and suburban public transport engineering
Architecture and urban planning
Traffic and road systems
Integrated water service
Civil engineering systems