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Our responsibility


In stating the Company mission, the Act of Incorporation of Metropolitana Milanese, among other things, calls for providing Milan and its suburbs with infrastructure and services to ensure “the future to the community”. In other words, the social responsibility is among the explicitly stated commitments of MM. In order to comply with what was stated, Metropolitana Milanese has invested in human resources, knowledge, certification, procedures and stable relationships with other economic and social operators in the area. In its engineering design activity MM operates with consistent care for the eco-systems by preventing the habitat fragmentation, by applying excavation techniques which minimize the volumes. Considering local peculiarities such as high population density in Milan or soil fragility such as in Naples, where MM has been involved in the metro system construction. Working in the urban mass transit engineering, MM has been promoting the upgrading and expansion of the public transit, especially its rail-borne variety which is the only one capable of providing high capacity, punctuality, speed and environment friendliness. Within the water cycle management, MM acts in a similar way, applying its engineering experience to the management of such an important natural resource like drinking water. The principles governing our attitude and business activity in the water cycle management are detailed in Social Responsibility Statement of the Integrated Water Service. In 2010, the commitment of MM to protect and conserve the environment by preventing pollution was recognized, making Metropolitana Milanese one of the first Italian water resource management companies to have achieved the certification of its Environmental Management System in compliance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 14001:2004.