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Quality assurance

Quality system certification

Metropolitana Milanese and its subsidiaries have adopted a Quality Management System and operate in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. In 2010 it has completed the process of acquiring the UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 “Environmental Management System” certification.

This commitment to certification activities arises from the need to guarantee that anyone getting in touch with the Company receives a consistent professional behaviour according to the specific quality standards.
MM was one of the first Italian water resource management companies to have achieved this goal within the time constraints set by the authorities. Certificate ICMQ n°10168A - IQNet n°IT-74217 - Sector EA 39

The following MM specific fields of expertise have been certified to date:

“Design body: design and co-ordination activities concerning urban and suburban metro, railway and tramway lines; traffic and mobility; parking areas and park-and-ride; plumbing, aqueduct and drainage works; land renewal and reclamation; buildings; airports and airport structures; construction process management: management, co-ordination and supervision of works”. ICMQ Certificate No. 96095 – IQNet n° IT-1324, EA 34 (Engineering Services)

“Contracting for works and supplies in accordance with the legal provisions of the Republic of Italy”.ICMQ Certificate No. 00436 – IQNet No. IT-16624, EA 35 (Other services) and EA 39 (Other Social Services)

“City of Milan Water Integrated Service”ICMQ Certificate No. 05961 – IQNet No. IT-41825, EA 28 (Construction) and EA 39 (Other Social Services)

“Construction and maintenance of civil works, installation and maintenance of civil systems and related services”.ICMQ Certificate No. 04882 – IQNet No. IT-35429, EA 28 (Construction)

“Checks on the design of the works for the purpose of validation, carried out under the applicable legislation”.ICMQ Certificate No. 09250 – IQNet No. IT-67009, EA 34 (Engineering Services)

Certificates issued for subsidiaries:

Metro Engineering Srl
“management and coordination projects”Certificate ICMQ No. 9255 – IQNet No. IT-67017 -Sector EA 34 (Engineering Services)

Napoli Metro Engineering Srl
“design and supervision of works”.Certificate ICMQ No. 09256 – IQNet No. IT-67018 -Sector EA 34 (Engineering Services)