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Via Paolo Sarpi redevelopment

Giving back to the city a urban space integrated in its context

Work in progress

  • Feasibility study not completed
  • Initial design not completed
  • Final design not completed
  • Executive design completed
  • Works management completed

Duration of the works

January 2010 - April 2011


Cooperativa selciatori e posatori strade e cave


The redevelopment project is designed to create a new space for pedestrians, commerce and communities, with an emphasis on the use of quality materials, greenery, street furniture and lighting. In particular, the project aims to implement: upgrading of the current rainwater disposal system; access to all private property (driveways, trade access) and the demolition of all existing architectural barriers; an increase in green spaces through tree-planting where allowed by existing underground utility services, in addition to creating a system of green margins in order to clearly identify areas where authorised traffic is permitted; upgrading of the public lighting system through the refurbishment and enhancement of the existing suspension system, and upgrading the pole-based system which already exists in some areas, in line with the lighting plan for the city.